Status of works in the construction project of the Nowy Teatr ICC – September 1, 2015


In the period May to August 2015, the former workshop hall saw completion of the reinforced concrete works, doorways, removal of shattered and broken plaster, masonry works, fittings, layers under the floors and concrete floors.

            Also finished were all the gypsum walls, parts of the electrical wiring and sanitary facilities, all of the plastering, suspended ceilings and most of the acoustic ceilings. In June 2015, localised damage was discovered in the roof beams and cantilevers. It was necessary to suspend installation of the acoustic ceiling, inspect the damage, and reinforce the roof as recommended by the design engineer.

            Walls were painted and most of the internal doors were installed. Old insulation layers were removed from the roof and new insulation was installed. Chipped and damaged plaster was removed from the facades, while in July we removed some unexpected non-bearing material in the exterior walls of the central avant-corps and attics, and replaced it with new material. More than half of the new plaster was put on the walls.

            In the same period,  most of the exterior foundation walls were insulated, and renovation of the facade and replacement of the roofing were almost completed.

            Work was started to remove the existing surface of the square.